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Archaeologists discover Sa Huynh tombs (presumably jar burials) near the bank of a river in Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam. The site sits within the proposed area for the construction of a reservoir, and the respective government agencies are said to be in talks to postpone the building of the reservoir until the artefacts can be recovered.

2,000 year-old tombs discovered in central Vietnam
Vietnam Net Bridge, 05 April 2011

Ancient artefacts unearthed in Tang River alluvial plain
Viet Nam News, 06 April 2011

Tombs of the Sa Huynh civilization of more than 2,000 years ago have been dug up in Tre village in Tay Tra district, in the central province of Quang Ngai.

The tombs were unearthed at a depth of 1 meter. The site is only 2-5m from the bank of Tang River, around 5km from a famous archaeological site in the Tang River valley.

Dr. Doan Ngoc Khoi, from the Quang Ngai Museum, said the tombs are located close together.

Archaeologists have worked for over two months on Tang riverbed. They unearthed a prehistoric archeological site which can shed new light on an ancient civilization that once flourished in Quang Ngai province.

In a part of the river where water was dried up to build a water reservoir for a nearby dam, they excavated tools that date back to 4,000 years ago. The tools could have been used in daily life and in production activities.

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