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A family funeral in Vietnam’s Quang Ngai province took a strange turn, when after digging a grave they found a terracotta statue. The statue has been handed to local museum officials for identification and dating.

Terracotta statue from Qung Ngai Province. Vietnam Net Bridge, 20110318

Ancient statue unveiled in cemetery
Vietnam Net Bridge, 18 March 2011

A family unearthed a strange ancient statue while digging a grave to bury their relative in a cemetery at the foot of a mountain named Xuong Rong in Pho Thuan commune, Duc Pho District, in the central province of Quang Ngai.

The family handed over the statue to the local Department of Culture, Sports and Culture for research. The statue is now preserved at the Quang Ngai Museum.

The ancient statue looks strange. It depicts a man’s face and shoulders wearing armor and holding a sword in his arm. The 36-cm-tall figurine has a base, which is 8 cm tall.

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  1. How random! I’m sure it happens more than we realize. Good thing it was turned over to the provincial museum, and not sold.

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