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The 130km-long wall that runs mostly through the Quang Ngai Province is probably Southeast Asia’s longest, and the province is hoping to raise the profile of the 200-year-old wall and get it listed as a heritage site.

Great wall of Viet Nam
Viet Nam News, 26 Feb 2011

The head of Quang Ngai Province’s People’s Committee has sent an official dispatch to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking the ministry to invite ambassadors of European countries to visit Truong Luy Heritage in his province.

Nguyen Xuan Hue said he wanted to introduce the special heritage that the US-based international TV network CNN calls Viet Nam’s Great Wall.

The site is one of the country’s most important archaeological discoveries in a century, after five years of exploration and excavation conducted by foreign and local archaeologists at the Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of Archaeology.

The site was constructed carefully between 17th and 19th centuries with many materials and structures.

The 130-km-long bastion stretches for 111km in the province.

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