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Following the earlier story of the theft of artefacts from the tomb of King Khai Dinh, it seems that thefts like these have been relatively common and researchers are worried that there may not be many royal antiques remaining.

Many Hue royal antiques stolen
Vietnam Net Bridge, 08 December 2010

Many valuable antiques in the imperial city of Hue and kings’ tombs have been stolen recently. Researchers worry that the ancient capital city will lose its attractiveness once its antiques are lost.

On December 1, thieves broke in King Khai Dinh’s tomb in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, Hue city and stole belongings of King Khai Dinh and a charity box.

In July 2010, a charity box and several antiques were stolen in the Hue royal palace and King Minh Mang’s tomb.

A researcher of Hue, Phan Thuan An, who has worked at the Center for Preservation of Hue Relics for more than 20 years, said many Hue’s royal antiques have been lost due to historical upheavals, wars and burglary. There are not many Hue royal antiques remaining.

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