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Brunei’s Department of Museums announces its intention to set up an archaeological park over the ancient capital of Brunei, Kota Batu. Recent archaeological works have revealed the presence of ceramics and the remains of defensive structures.

Artifacts from Kota Batu, Brunei. 28 November 2010,

Old Kota Batu Gate, Other Artefacts Found, 28 November 2010

Archaeological Park To Open In Kota Batu, 28 November 2010

Archaeological Park to open in Kota Batu
Borneo Bulletin, 28 November 2010

The Department of Museums is set to open a 120-acre (48.5-hectare) Kota Batu Archaeological Park on top of what is believed to be a part of the ancient capital or the seat of power of ancient Brunei.

The trail comes complete with resting huts, walkways and bridges.

The second phase of the first stage of the Kota Batu Excavation and Conservation Project has been completed.

The tomb of Sultan Bolkiah and a Maritime Museum will also be integrated into the park.

Meanwhile, a ceremony was held yesterday at the Information Building of the park to hand over the project and maintenance work of the park to the Brunei Museum.

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