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A restored 17th century communal house outside of Hanoi has reopened to public since restoration works began in 2007.

Restored 17th Century Dinh - From Viet Nam News, 11 Nov 2010

Restored 17th century dinh opens
Viet Nam News, 11 November 2010

A 17th century communal house (dinh) on the outskirts of Ha Noi that won the highest prize in the heritage preservation category at the International Union of Architects in Xi’an, China, last month, has officially reopened after months of restoration.

“The model restoration project aimed to duplicate as best as possible the original design,” said Tran Lam Ben from the Cultural Heritage Department. “However, there has been some improper restoration work, which we will ask the workers to fix later.”

According to architect Le Thanh Vinh, who headed the restoration team, the work was extremely intricate.

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