The Malaysian state of Perak has announced its intent to get the Lenggong Valley on the map as a World Heritage Site. Many archaeological discoveries have been discovered in this region, from prehistoric tools, skeletal burials and rock art, which hint that the valley may have been inhabited as far back as 1.8 million years.

Perak Wants Recognition For Lenggong Valley As Heritage Site
Bernama, 09 June 2010

The Perak state government is seeking recognition for the Lenggong Valley as another world heritage site from the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organisation (Unesco), said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

He said the state government planned to make the Lenggong Valley into a world heritage site after George Town, Penang and Melaka.

He said several experts from Unesco had prepared a report on the proposal because the Lenggong Valley was considered to have potentials in terms of world history.

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2 Replies to “Perak seeks WHS listing for Lenggong Valley”

  1. Unfortunately the NST June 10 report said Lenggong civilisation is 180 million years old. I guess they “misread” the 1.83 million years quoted by Unesco.

    But I wonder, is there any proof that Lenggong is even 1.83 myo? I thought the oldest finds were about 200K.

  2. Ragarding my above comment, I forgot about the 1.83 myo stone axe that was reported in early 2009. Has there been any further news on that? As far as I read, the rock the axe was found embedded in was that age, but when was the axe actually made?

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