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The call for papers has been extended to 31 July 2010.

National Conference on Preservation and Promotion of Heritage
Organised by the School of Social Sciences of Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Department of Heritage Malaysia
Date: 24-26 November 2010
Venue: Parkroyal Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

A heritage is something that is inherited from previous generations and maintained by the present generation for the benefits of future generations. It is a national treasure that was once owned by individuals or communities and is now the responsibility of all to protect and conserve. Our heritage is also the knowledge and expertise we inherited by ways of life and of beliefs transformed in a form of cultural objects. According to the Akta Warisan Kebangsaan 2005 (Heritage Act 2005), heritage is classified as tapak warisan (heritage sites), objek warisan (heritage objects), warisan kebudayaan bawah air (underwater cultural heritage) and warisan orang hidup (living person heritage).

The concern on the preservation heritage is still a new subject in Malaysia and is getting more attention from various parties. Our heritage is our national tradition and needs to be conserve to ensure continuity of the tradition. However, efforts to preserve the heritage often face many problems and challenges particularly with respect to development, when it involves the heritage site, the high costs and the low awareness among the public. Some other issues include aspects of legislation, political interferences and preservation efforts itself. The recognition given by UNESCO to George Town and Malacca has put Malaysia on the world map of heritage and tourism. Inevitably, this has raised the “Semangat Cintakan Warisan Negara” (or the Love for National Heritage) and has increased awareness and participation in the efforts to preserve our national heritage.

Heritage preservation requires the commitment, involvement and assertive efforts of all particularly the younger generation. Therefore, the National Conference on the ‘Preservation and Promotion of Heritage’ is a good platform for academicians, heritage activists and various agencies to discuss matters related to heritage preservations and promotions. This conference hopes to discuss new paradigms from theoretical, empirical and practical perspectives. Focus of the conference will not be limited to local heritage but preservation and promotion experiences of other countries are also welcomed.

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