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A feature on the short-lived reign of the Ho Dynasty (1400-1407), and their citadel in Thanh Hoa which enjoyed a short stint as the capital during their reign. The citadel, or rather what is left of it, has been submitted for consideration into the World Heritage List.

Holding the fort
Vietnam Net Bridge, 21 Mar 2010

Located in four communes in Thanh Hoa province’s Vinh Loc district, approximately 150km from Hanoi, parts of the Ho Citadel still stand as a testament to Ho Quy Ly’s brief rise to power.

The citadel, which was declared the official capital of Dai Ngu in 1400, was square-shaped and included three encirclements – the outer encirclement was called La thanh and boasted a perimeter four kilometers long. The middle encirclement was called Hao thanh and included a moat and a citadel wall. The inner circle was known as Hoang thanh (imperial forbidden citadel).

Much of the citadel has been lost over time. According to historical records once there was a building known as Hoang Nguyen Palace, where the royal court adjourned for meetings. Ho Quy Ly slept at the Ngan Tho Palace, while his son slept in the Phu Cuc Palace.

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