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The Port Clusters of Southeast Asia and the Middle East
Dates: 27-29 July 2010
Venue: Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

This 3-day conference will examine these two Indian Ocean port zones in
various respects – the specific natures and the roles of these zones as well
as comparisons between these; mutual perceptions between the peoples of the
two zones; the links between these regions in terms of commercial
interactions over time and the effects of such commerce; cultural and
religious interflows between these two ends of the Indian Ocean;
transmission of the ideas of modernity, urbanism, and cosmopolitanism
between these two areas; the effects of European imperialism and commerce;
the commercial and religious networks connecting the two places; migration
between the two places; pilgrims and tourists; as well as the role of India
and Indians in these interactions. There is no restriction on the periods to
be examined.

Paper proposals are invited from scholars engaged in any aspect of related
studies. Proposals should be received by 20 March 2010 and successful
applicants will be informed of their acceptance by 1 April 2010. Paper
proposals should include a title and a 400-word abstract, together with a
short biography of the applicant.

All participants will be provided with four nights accommodation in
Singapore. Requests for assistance with airfares, especially from
participants based in Asian countries, will be sympathetically considered.

More information on the Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre website.

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