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The Asia Society in New York opens the exhibition Arts of Ancient Vietnam: From River Plain to Open Sea last week. Readers who might not be able to make it to New York for the exhibition may be interested in the book available here.

Ancient Vietnam exhibition opens in the US
VOV News, 02 February 2010

Ancient Vietnam exhibition opens in New York
Vietnam Net Bridge, 02 February 2010

An exhibition themed “Arts of Ancient Vietnam: From River Plain to Open Sea” opened at the Asia Society in New York on February 1.

The exhibition introduces new scholarship on the history of Vietnamese art, with approximately 110 objects dating from the first millennium BCE through the 17th century on rare loan from ten leading Vietnamese museums.

The exhibition represents the first time these works have been exhibited in the US and, for many of the objects, the first time they have traveled outside of Vietnam. Throughout its long history, Vietnam served as a central hub for trade routes that connected the regions of Asia and the west with travelers and merchants traversing its long open plains. Trade vessels from as far as India and Rome found safe haven in its harbors. Objects in the exhibition illustrate the rich and complex patterns of trade and cultural exchange in southern, central and northern Viet Nam, and the varied influences of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Rome and even northern Europe.

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