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Bukit Marak, a hill in the northern Malaysian state of Kelantan is associated with the Puteri Saadong, one of the state’s 17th century queens. Today, the hill is in danger of disappearing as earth and stone are being illegally carted off and sold.

Residents erasing Bukit Marak history
The Star, 05 August 2009

Museum wants Bukit Marak saved
The Star, 10 August 2009

Bukit Marak, the site where the legendary Puteri Saadong was said to have resided, may disappear forever as the local villagers are indiscriminately cutting the hill and selling the earth.

Situated in Ketereh, about 24km south of here, Bukit Marak is one of the last hillocks in the district.

Apart from the possible loss of the hill, continued excavation of the earth would also bring untold dangers like landslide and mudslides during the monsoon season.

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