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The oldest gate in the city of Hanoi, the O Quan Chong built in 1749, is to receive a long-overdue restoration with the help of a hefty grant from the United States.

US helps preserve Hanoi’s Ancient Gate
Nhan Dan, 03 June 2009

US Ambassador to Vietnam Michael Michalak today announced a grant for US$74,500, the largest amount ever given to Vietnam from the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation award to preserve O Quan Chuong Gate, Hanoi’s last remaining ancient city gate.

Addressing the signing ceremony held this morning in Hanoi, US Ambassador Michael Michalak said that “we are proud to provide the fund for the restoration and preservation of a stunning but crumbling structure, the O Quan Chuong Gate. Today, O Quan Chuong is not only a landmark of the ancient city of Thang Long, but a symbol of the spirit and resilience of the people of Hanoi.”

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