Vietnam Net Bridge features the Vinh Hung Tower in Bac Lieu Province, the only ancient tower in the Mekong Delta built in the Khmer Angkor style.

Vinh Hung Tower, Vietnam Net Bridge 30 May 2009

Discovering ancient Vinh Hung Tower in Bac Lieu
Vietnam Net Bridge, 30 May 2009

Vinh Hung tower is one of the attractions in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu where tourists can learn more about ethnic culture and the history of Cham people.

Located in Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district and about 20 kilometers from Bac Lieu township, the ancient tower is the only building in the Mekong Delta styled in the architecture of the Angkor of Khmer people.

Vinh Hung tower, also known as Luc Hien or Bhah Dhat tower, was found in 1911 and is recognized as a notable historical site in the South.

In May 1990 it was confirmed that the tower is built of bricks which, unlike other Cham towers, are so tight that it is impossible to see between them. The tower is rectangular, 9.3 meters high. Because of neglect the top and front collapsed and the area became overgrown with wild grass and lianas.

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3 Replies to “The Vinh Hung Tower”

  1. hi there, there are in fact 2 other Cambodian Angkorean Ruins in South Vietnam
    along with this Vinh Hung Tower in bac Lieu province, theres another 2 in Tay Ninh province… there are still many ruin bases but there are only a total of 3 Angkorean structures/pre-angkorean structures left

  2. Does anyone have some information about the inscription mentioned? It is a stele, Sanskrit, dating to 892 and mentioning Yasoverman.

    What K-number does the stele have? Would be happy if anyone could help me.

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