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Vietnam Net Bridge has a special set of features focusing on the preservation and restoration of works in Vietnam. Some are critical about the way restoration works are being carried out, while others highlight the need for urgent repairs for relics while another talks about the looting of antiques. A key issue is that efforts to restore and conserve Vietnamese buildings and relics are haphazard and use non-traditional materials , often discarding old relics and rebuilidng new ones from scratch.

Halt restoration to protect relics

Vietnam Net Bridge, 13 April 2009

Alarm from historical relics
Vietnam Net Bridge, 31 March 2009

Restoration: One hundred becomes one year
Vietnam Net Bridge, 08 April 2009

Antiques: Fried fish exposed to cats
Vietnam Net Bridge, 04 April 2009

Phan Cam Thuong: Vietnam needs to have a national strategy on preserving relics. Temples and pagodas are places where the country’s cultural heritage, tradition and history converge. We can build 1,000 modern houses but if we destroy an ancient temple, we will lose it forever and we can’t re-build it. That is a loss for history, tradition, spiritual values and culture. Damaging temples and pagodas is something that can’t be corrected.

Vietnam can only announce itself to the world through its culture, through preservation and bringing into play its cultural heritages. We can get to modernity through tradition. Going to the end of tradition, we will see modernity. It is true not only in art, but also in diplomacy, economics and other fields.

The restoration of cultural and historical relics in recent years is really alarming. The state and people have paid a lot of money but the results are very bad: Heritages have disappeared and been replaced by new relics. There are many reasons.

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