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Bringing new definition to the term ‘rock music’, the Lam Dong Provincial museum announced the discovery of two sets ‘Dan Da’, or lithophones. a total of five sets have been found in the Lam Dong region, proving that Vietnam may just be the cradle of rock music. ;P

Stone musical instruments found in Lam Dong
Nhan Dan, 09 April 2009

Two more sets of ‘Dan Da’ (stone percussion instruments) have recently been found in the central highlands province of Lam Dong, bringing the total sets of lithophone discovered in the locality to five, said the provincial museum.

According to Vice Director of the Lam Dong museum Doan Bich Ngo, the two sets of Dan Da, comprising a total of 53 stone slabs, were discovered in Hoa Nam and Lien Dam communes in Di Linh district.

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