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The Asian Civilisations Museum dropped me a note about their upcoming one-day conference on the Reign of the 17th century Kangxi Emperor, in conjunction with the museum’s major exhibition for the year. The conference will touch on the life and times of the Kangxi Emperor, and also his foreign policy in which Southeast Asia features.

Reign of the Kangxi Emperor

A Conference at the Asian Civilisations Museum
21 March 2009

The Kangxi emperor (reign. 1662 – 1722) is one of the longest ruling emperors in Chinese history and is also considered one of China’s greatest. During his reign, the Kangxi emperor consolidated Manchu rule over China and brought about long term stability, peace and wealth to his empire. This one-day conference, with a panel of eminent speakers, will provide an overview of the Qing dynasty during Kangxi’s reign and the life and times of this great emperor.

This conference is held in conjunction with ACM’s major exhibition for 2009, The Kangxi Emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City.

Conference programme and registration details can be found at the Asian Civilisations Museum website or through this link.

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