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The Philippine National Museum in Cebu steps up security at a construction site in Cebu after reports of looting.

Security tightened at construction site near National Museum
Cebu Daily News, 24 September 2008

A representative of the National Museum said stricter security measures and closer supervision would be implemented in the construction site of the subway tunnel that would lead to the South Coastal Road (SCR) following reports of looting of artifacts found in the area.

“We will deputize two Cebuanos and the National Museum will send a team that will monitor the excavation sites in the area,” said Angel Bautista, Cultural Properties Division head of the National Museum.

He said the two Cebuanos are Jojo Bersales, head of the University of San Carlos Archeology Department, and Malou Samson, USC Museum Curator.

“There was looting in the site and only one artifact, a locally made ceramic ware, was recovered,” Bautista said.

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