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Malaysian Heritage commissioner Datuk Prof Zuraina Majid talks about having successfully recovered the neolithic remains from Gua Cha, which were until this year stored at Cambridge University.

Gua Cha remains, New Straits Times, 3 July 208

Keeping skeletons in her closet, literally
New Straits Times, 3 July 2008

Heritage Commissioner Prof Datuk Dr Zuraina Majid has skeletons in her closet.
But this does not mean that she harbours dark secrets from her past which she wants to keep under wraps.

Instead, Zuraina is literally keeping eight skeletons in her office.

The skeletons are prized relics — 6,000-year-old Neolithic human skeletons from Gua Cha, Kelantan, which were brought back to Malaysia after a long stint abroad in January.

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