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Skeletal remains have been discovered near Maitum, in Southern Philippines near another famous prehistoric site.

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New Artifact Site Found In Pinol, Sarangani, 10 April 2008
LGU, MILF Join Forces to Secure Artifact Site, 10 April 2008

Uncovered on Saturday, this new site was discovered after a bulldozer unearthed some skeletal remains in what seems to be a cave site. The local authorities took swift action to cordon off the site to guard against looters.

Maitum town mayor Elsie Perrett immediately ordered the site sealed off to prevent looting and contamination of the area.

She also requested experts from the National Museum to inspect the site and conduct a study of the historical significance of the find.

The guarding against looting is to prevent the repeat of a 1991 incident, where a nearby site was looted. Despite the looting, Maitum is now known for its spectacular anthopomorphic jars.

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