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Not everything that is recovered from a shipwreck gets to become a museum piece. A Malaysian company has found a way to remake potsherds from Malaysian shipwrecks into jewelery. A similar story was published two years ago.

The Star, 05 April 2008

Treasures from the sea
The Star, 05 April 2008

Now a Malaysian-based company, Ming Blue & White, has embarked on creating a line of exclusive jewellery using these motifs and transforming them into pendants, cufflinks, brooches, rings and charm pendants.

How can you tell if these antique pieces are what they claim? Here is what makes this company unique: Their “Tradewind Treasures” are crafted from the ancient porcelain shards of a 380-year-old shipwreck, Wanli, whose site lies off the east coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea.

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