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Now there’s another great reason – besides the food – to visit the historic town of Malacca! A new heritage trail has been created to highlight some of the town’s most prominent architectural features during the Dutch colonial era of the 17th and 18th century. One particular feature of note is the recently-excavated Middlesburgh bastion, discovered only last year during the construction of a tourist trap which has since been relocated.

Malacca, A Famosa gate. CC image by llyodi
Creative Commons image by lloydi

2km Dutch heritage trail opens in Malacca
The Star, 18 December 2007

A 2km Dutch heritage trail to showcase the remnants of old Dutch buildings and its influences over Malacca is the latest tourist attraction in this historical city.

The walk starts from a Malacca tree in front of A’Famosa, the old Portuguese fort, in Jalan Bandar Hilir. It then leads to the fort that was used by the Dutch as their main fortress after they conquered Malacca in 1641.

Read more about Malacca’s Dutch Heritage Trail here. Hmm… the last time I was in Malacca they had just discovered the Middlesburgh bastion. Now that it’s open for viewing maybe it’s time for me to take a visit again. Malacca’s about an hour’s drive away from the Kuala Lumpur.
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