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The third largest island in the world is known for its great biodiversity, but did you know that Borneo was also a major maritime node in Southeast Asian trade? Now, the island is split up among Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia and so uncovering the history of the island is less easy. In Brunei, a history seminar wrapping up today would have seen the presentation of some 27 papers discussing the history of Brunei and Borneo.

Borneo History Seminar opens at ICC
Borneo Bulletin, 04 December 2007

The three-day seminar, themed “Pemuliharaan Sejarah dan Tamadun Borneo: Ke Arah Pengukuhan Negara Bangsa”, has been organised in conjunction with the Silver Jubilee celebration of Brunei History Centre.

Read about the opening ceremony of the Borneo History Seminar here. It looks like the seminar is more Brunei-centric rather than Borneo-centric. Too bad I can’t seem to find any list of the papers presented online.

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