The second and last of the paper presentations went by today with an near-marathon run of five sessions. By the end of the day I was having a little trouble concentrating already – glad that tomorrow will see a change of pace as we head out for a tour of the archaeological site of Johor!

Today we heard two calls for collaboration; Paul Tacon announced his Eagleandowl network for research themes in human evolution, creativity and cultural heritage research in the Australasian region. And from Vietnam, archaeologist Vu The Long called for the setting up of a network for sharing zooarchaeological information. To back up his appeal, he gave the analogy of communal water pots that are placed outside homes in Myanmar – water is shared and given to anyone who wants a drink. In the same way, he called for a similar spirit in the sharing of information and collaboration.

No papers on rock art presented in this conference – although I learnt that some rock art sites in Sulawesi have been quarried to destuction, much to my dismay. On the brght side, after speaking to archaeologists from Thailand and Vietnam I’ve begun to hear about more sites in the region. There’s certainly a lot more out there that needs to be properly documented!

No Wednesday Rojak for today – back next week!

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2 Replies to “Sharing Our Archaeological Heritage – Day 2”

  1. >some rock art sites in Sulawesi have been quarried to destuction,

    Do you have more info on this? I hope its not the ones at Maros,with the famous hand stencils.

  2. Hi Liz,

    No, I don’t currently have more info on that – but I do intend to get in touch with the speaker for more info as I was planning to visit Sulawesi to see the rock art there, specifically the Maros ones.

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