Just came across two websites in the past week for those of you who might be interested in early man in Southeast Asia. Anthropology.net just announced the start of a new web initiative, the Hominin Database, which hopes to be a public repository of fossil remains. It’s really at its beginning phases now, and they’re looking for contributors to help with building the database.

Hominin Database

Over at our Facebook site, Jeff Almonte from the Philippines shared a site about Human Origins Patrimony in Southeast Asia (HOPSea), a multi-country collaborative project to share research on Hominid Evolution in Southeast Asia. One thing for sure, you won’t find the Johor Bigfoot here!


Related Books:
A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the “Hobbits” of Flores, Indonesia by M. Morwood and P. van Oosterzee
Eughne DuBois and the Ape-Man from Java: The History of the First Missing Link’ and Its Discoverer by B.Theunissen, L. T. Theunissen
Perak Man and Other Prehistoric Skeletons of Malaysia by Z. Majid (Ed.)
Prehistory of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago by P. Bellwood
Little People And a Lost World: An Anthropological Mystery by L. Goldenberg
Forager-Traders in South and Southeast Asia: Long-Term Histories by K. D. Morrison
Southeast Asia: From Prehistory to History by P. S. Bellwood and I. Glover (Eds)

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  1. >One thing for sure, you won’t find the Johor Bigfoot here!

    Sssh, don’t mention that, or else it will pop up in the news again !!!!

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