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28 August 2007 (Nhan Dan) – An update on the previous post about the Cat Tien site exhibition in Hanoi. This story contains pictures of some of the exhibits: a stone linga-yoni and a stone lintel. Only the linga is shown here. The exhibition seems to have extended its run from December to April next year – another excuse to hop on a cheap flight to Vietnam!

Cat Tien artefacts on show in Hanoi

An exhibition of artefacts from Cat Tien, Lam Dong central highlands province opened today in Hanoi’s Museum of History, showcasing over 300 items dating back to the 8th century B.C.

The area was first discovered by local people and historians in 1985, and has been considered as one of Vietnam’s biggest archaeological findings in the 20th century. The Cat Tien complex includes a series of relics spanning over 15 kilometres along the Dong Nai River, from Quang Ngai Commune to Duc Pho Commune, Cat Tien district, central Lam Dong province.

Archaeologists have found various structures in the complex, including towers, tombs, altars, irrigation system, brick kilns, etc. The items on displays include ancient vases, gold leaves, and sets of stone Linga – Yoni.

The items all bear holy patterns, such as holy animals, gods and goddess, and flowers and leaves. Note worthy is a stone seal, embedded with complicated patterns and symbols. Also on the highlight were the biggest set of stone Linga – Yoni ever found in Vietnam weighting up to 4 tonnes. Many of them are daily utensils, such as dishes, cups, or pots.

Cat Tien has been recognised as a national historical relic in 1997, and was proposed to be included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. The findings of Cat Tien artefacts have helped shed light into the culture and history of the region, and of Vietnam in general.

The exhibition will run until mid April 2008.

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