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From the Social Science Research Council:

International Conference on Inter-Asian Connections
Deadline: Friday, September 14, 2007
Dubai, UAE: February 21-24, 2008

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is pleased to announce an open call for individual research paper submissions from researchers in any world region, to participate in a 4-day thematic workshop at an international conference on “Inter-Asian Connections.”

To be held in Dubai, February 21-24, 2008, the conference will host concurrent workshops showcasing innovative research from across the social sciences and related disciplines, on themes of particular relevance to Asia, reconceptualized as a dynamic and interconnected historical, geographical, and cultural formation stretching from the Middle East through Eurasia and South Asia, to East Asia.

The conference structure and schedule has been designed to enable intensive ‘working group’ interactions on a specific research theme, as well as broader interactions on topics of mutual interest and concern to all participants. Accordingly, there will be public keynotes, plenaries, and roundtables addressing different aspects of Inter-Asian research in addition to closed workshop sessions. The concluding day of the conference will bring all the workshops together in a public presentation and exchange of research agendas that have emerged over the course of the deliberations in Dubai.

Individual paper submissions are invited for the following workshops:

  • Sites of Inter-Asian Interaction
    Workshop directors:
    • Sunil Amrith, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
    • Tim Harper, University of Cambridge, UK

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(For details of other workshops, see the SSRC website.)
Application materials are due on Friday, September 14, 2007. Junior and senior scholars are encouraged to apply, whether graduate students, faculty, or researchers in NGOs or other research organizations. Please note that an individual cannot apply to more than one workshop.

Selection decisions will be announced on October 19, 2007. Accepted participants are required to submit a 20-25 page research paper by January 14, 2008.

The SSRC will make every effort to subsidize the travel and accommodation costs associated with attending the conference, and we will issue a formal announcement about availability and levels of financial assistance for individual participants in the coming months. In the meantime, prospective participants are encouraged to seek out alternative sources of funding that may be available from their home institutions or other agencies.

For additional inquiries, please contact the SSRC at

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