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18 July 2007 (The Brunei Times) – Literature on the ancient history of Myanmar (Burma) is scant, but this article from the Brunei Times should serve as a quick introduction.

History of Myanmar

Myanmar has a long and complex history. Many peoples have lived in the region and the history began. The first identifiable civilisation is that of the Mon.

The Mon probably began migrating into the area in about 300 BC, and their first kingdom Suwarnabhumi, was founded around the port of Thaton in about 300 BC.

The Pyu arrived in Myanmar in the 7th century and established city kingdoms at Binnaka, Mongamo, Sri Ksetra, and Halingyi. During this period, Myanmar was part of an overland trade route from China to India.

By 849, the Burmans had founded a powerful kingdom centered on the city of Bagan and filled the void left by the Pyu.

The kingdom grew in relative isolation until the reign of Anawrahta (1044 – 77) who successfully unified all of Myanmar by defeating the Mon city of Thaton in 1057.

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For more about the archaeology of Myanmar, you might want to look up:
Ancient Pagan by D. Stadtner
The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia by N. Tarling (Ed.)

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