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02 July 2007 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – A Dong Son style drum, used as a receptacle for human bones, was unearthed recently in the Dak Lak province of Vietnam. What I found interesting in this story was the fact that the coffee plant owner, in which the drum was found, was actually holding the drum ransom!

Dong Son drum discovered in Dak Lak

A bronze drum used to keep human bones has recently been discovered in Krong Nang district in the Central Highlands of Dak Lak, according to the Dak Lak General Museum.

According to the museum’s director Luong Thanh Son, the drum was found by waste collectors in a coffee plant. The plant’s owner asked the museum to pay VND100million (US$6,000) in return for the drum. The museum has informed higher provincial authorities of the drum as well as the sky-high price the owner is demanding.

Read more about the Dong Son drum find in Dak Lak.

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The Bronze Age of Southeast Asia (Cambridge World Archaeology) by C. Higham

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