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Spurred by the recent discussion about the politicization of Malaysian history (see here and the comments section here), I just added three websites to the links list, both concerning the history of Malaysia.

History of the Malaysian Pwninsula

Sejarah Melayu (or the Malay History) is an informative site by Sabri Zain, a writer, who has quite neatly presented ancient Malaysia in topical formats, including the Early Malay Kingdoms, Buddhist empires and the Melaka Sultanate, supplemented with archaeological evidence.

For a more chronological overview of Malaysian history, the Malaysian Timeline is just that – a timeline of Malaysia from prehistory to modern times. It’s only split into five sections, but they provide a good overview of Malaysia’s past.

Finally, the Malay Concordance Project at the Australian National University is an online resource for scholars studying classical Malay texts.

Related Books:
Early History (The Encyclopedia of Malaysia) by Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman (Ed)
The Malay Sultanates 1400-1700 (The Encyclopedia of Malaysia)

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