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A new link added to the Resource page, although the entity linked to is definitely not new at all! The Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS) remains one of the few journals that regularly publishes papers about archaeology in Malaysia. About the society itself:

The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (henceforth called the Society) is a learned society devoted to the task of collecting, recording and diffusing information about Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Its primary objective is to promote a greater interest in the study of the region, and to this end, it publishes a journal and carries out other scholarly activities.A brainchild of a group of colonial administrators, the Society has since 4 November 1877 enjoyed the patronage of top-ranking officials like the Governors of the Straits Settlements, Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore and the Sultan of Brunei. Among its council members are distinguished officials and academicians, ranging from Sir Frank A. Swettenham, Sir Richard Winstedt and H.N. Ridley of the colonial government to Tan Sri Nik Ahmed Kamil and Tun Mohamed Suffian bin Hashim of the Malaysian government and to academicians like Dr. Alastair Lamb, Professor Wang Gungwu and Professor S. Arasaratnam of the University of Malaya.

One can purchase a reprints and monographs from the Society’s website.

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