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For those of you in Singapore, an opportunity for you to meet the authors of The Zheng He Epic by Select Books:

Select warmly welcomes you to meet the authors of The Zheng He Epic
Drs. Tan Ta Sien &
Dr Chia Lin Sien (eds.)

6.30 pm, Friday, 22 September 2006 at Select Books

About the Book:
Zheng He Epic or Zheng He Si Shi (English version) is a massive, lavishly illustrated coffee-table book (366 pages) showing historical sites, artefacts, documents and painting/drawings of historical figures and scenes related to Zheng He. The Chinese version of the book was jointly published in May 2005 by Yunnan People’s Publishing Co., Yunnan Fine Arts Publishers and Aurora Publishing Co. and was supported by the International Zheng He Society and Drs Tan Ta Sen personally. The book traces the personal history and exploits of Zheng He and his ancestors, who were Muslims who had emigrated to China at least a century before the birth of Zheng He. His grandfather, Ma Haji, and father were both high-ranked officials of the Yuan Dynasty. There are details of his birthplace in Kunming (Yunnan) and Nanjing where he had served as a high official in the employ of Prince Yan who later ascended to become Emperor Yongle. Details of the fleets and shipyards are provided. This is followed by highly absorbing accounts of each of his seven voyages including his activities and contributions to countries that he had visited as well as the religious sites and relics that remain there as testament to Zheng He’s visits. There are also accounts of ceremonies devoted to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea. A number of well-known Chinese scholars have also contributed to this volume essays that reflect a diversity of views.

About the Authors
Drs. Tan Ta Sen: Research Officer, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (1966-1968), Assistant Professor and Head, Southeast Asian Studies Programme, Nanyang University (1969-1978). Since 2002, Director, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum and President, International Zheng He Society.

Dr Chia Lin Sien, formerly Associate Professor, National University of Singapore; Academic Advisor, Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business (SCCIOB) and currently, Project Director, StarG3 Technologies Pte Ltd.

Select Books Pte Ltd

19 Tanglin Road #03-15

Tanglin Shopping Centre

Singapore 247909

Tel: 6732-1515


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