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13 September 2006 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – A 400-600-year-old village has been found in Vietnam featuring the remains of 40 houses, a water purification system, and a possible temple. Finds include lime pots.

Vietnam Net Bridge, 13 Sep 2006

Old village found in Quang Ngai

Archaeologists from the Quang Ngai Province Museum have found the remnants of a walled village inhabited by Vietnamese people 400 to 600 years ago.

The village, named Thien Xuan after the hamlet where it is located, lies at the foot of Nua Mountain in Nghia Hanh District.

Traces of 40 houses are visible within the wall, which is one meter thick and varies in height from 2.5 to 3 meters. The scientists were surprised to find an absence of mortar between the carefully cut stones that make up the wall.

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