13 September 2006 (Bernama) – A documentary on the Perak Man is in the works! – and expected to be out on HD no less, in Novemeber. The documentary will also feature other stone-age sites like Gua Cha and Tingkayu.

Filming Of Perak Man Documentary To Kick Off In November

The filming of a documentary on the 11,000 year-old Perak Man, Peninsular Malaysia’s oldest inhabitant, will begin in November.

Novista Sdn Bhd managing director Harun Rahman said the company was in the final stage of discussions with the National Film Corporation (Finas) on the script and the filming of the documentary titled “Perak Man”, in High Definition TV.

The company had held talks with the Heritage Commissioner of the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry, Prof Datuk Dr Zuraina Majid, who led the archaeological team that found the complete skeleton of the homo sapien, Harun told Bernama here.

Novista is a local documentary specialist established in 1992, which among others has been involved in natural history, culture, heritage and adventure videos.

It has been appointed by the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry to do a documentary on the Perak Man as a move to preserve the national heritage of the country for the benefit of the future generations.

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9 Replies to “Filming Of Perak Man Documentary To Kick Off In November”

  1. It will be great if this film happens. The filming is scheduled to start in November, but in The Star , today14th, it says “HUSBAND-WIFE TEAM: Harun and Lara are planning to film a documentary on tigers in Malaysia next. ” So is this before or after the archaeology filming? There is no mention at all in this article about Perak Man etc.

  2. This is a “dangerous” project, hopefully, the Malaysian Government will not compromise or distort the historical facts as they have so ungraciously done in the past. Dumb names like “Puteri Hang Li Poh” or Hang Tuah, “Wira Melayu” are silly concepts and are glaring errors contrary to the truth.

  3. Considering the project was scheduled to “kick off” in Nov 2006, I wonder how far it has progressed.

  4. Ha Ha, knowing Malaysian Speed, It will probably be ready AFTER the NEXT Olympics, and I mean AFTER BEIJING. Malaysia is SO LAID BACK. In fact, if it is any more laid back, it would be a Picture.

    Truly Asia, Truly slow motion

  5. Hello there?
    I’m a freelance film director who is very interested in this project.What’s the main problem man? Finance,Script,Executive Producers,Crew,Weather,Directors,Cameraman,Sponsors etc, etc.
    ..or is it just MALAS LA! Come on man, we got a story man. Let’s make it happen and let’s show it to National Geography la. Malaysia boleh!
    What about the sunken city at Tasek Chini?

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