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6 Aug 2006 (Johor Homind website) – In the wake of the photograph scandal, the website has been taken down indefinitely with the following message:

Down but not out, the Search continues..

Dear Visitors,

First of all, johorhominid.org would like to thank all of you for assisting us in the identification of the hoax photograph. The respective winner of the Award will be contacted via email.

Given that the current evidence for the existence of a hominid is weaker,we are currently closing down this site temporarily pending the investigation of the alleged hominid/hominoid cave and skull. Initially the focus is on lobbying the JWPS on the release of the photograph.

Now that we have completed the mission, Vincent Chow will focus more on the fieldwork and exploration. Please email us if you wish to be updated about the expeditions via the SMS technology.

Email to sms_listing@johorhominid.org

Something is still out there..

The Founders johorhominid.org

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  1. When I tried to access the site on sunday, it was inaccessible and that message from the founders seems to have been removed. However the Sunday Star has a piece on the site, saying it is permanently shut down. I was amused to see that the 2 guys Vincent and Sean are now changing their tuune, they now say “were sceptical when they were first shown the Bigfoot photos and decided to set up the website and use it as bait to attract people to discuss the topic”. Hmm.

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