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5 Aug 2006 (The Star) – As if the allegation that the existence of a Johor Hominid wasn’t scandalous enough, the creators behind the website are now embroiled in a plagiarism scandal for posting an alleged picture of the bigfoot. (Kudos to Liz Price for the heads up)

The Star, 05 Aug 2006

Bigfoot website closed after revelations

The website set up for discussion on the local Bigfoot has been closed for “maintenance”, and two major players in the search for the creature are making conflicting statements about photos related to the phenomenon.

These dramatic developments came about after released a photo yesterday that it claimed was an actual shot of a female Bigfoot’s eyes…

However, at around 6pm, a visitor to the website posted a full-head shot of a creature in the comment page, which showed the same bloodshot eyes featured in the first photo.

“You have no credibility left! Habis! (Finished!),” the visitor wrote, adding that the full-head shot had been obtained from another website.

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