30 June 2006 (New Straits Times) – More news on the Johor Bigfoot, with a paleontology scientist conjuecturing that the Johor Bigfoot may have been/be a homo erectus who has undergone reverse evolution. It seems to me at this point that the news is still too sensational, as the conjecture is remains what it is: a conjecture, and nothing conclusive has been made. Stay tuned for this saga to unfold!

Reverse evolution theory about the Johor Bigfoot

The Johor Bigfoot could be a Homo erectus that had undergone “reverse evolution”.

Sean Ang, a scientist from Kuala Lumpur who had analysed the prehistoric Perak Man excavated by Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1994, said based on evidence compiled about the creature by biodiversity researcher Vincent Chow, he thought the creature might have been in existence for more than 65,000 years.

“I concur with Chow’s findings that this could be an unknown species that went through reverse evolution to end up as a less intelligent creature than Peking Man, who could use fire and tools.

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9 Replies to “Reverse evolution theory about the Johor Bigfoot”

  1. It’s amusing how the reverse evolution theory is based upon footprints.
    Also the report is contradictory as one paragraph says “Ang was invited by Chow to discuss evidence that the latter had compiled, including clear photographs of footprints.” and another one says
    “”There is also no clear photograph or evidence to guide researchers.”
    So are there clear photos or not?!

  2. Forgot to say in my above comment that there was another article on bigfoot in NST 25 June.

    New clues emerge in Bigfoot search
    25 Jun 2006

    MUAR: New clues have been found that may lead to the discovery of the Johor Bigfoot.

    The Johor Government’s Bigfoot research steering committee is in the process of verifying the clues which would, hopefully, provide some answers.

    There had been claims of sightings of the elusive giant hominid in recent months.

    State Tourism and Environment committee chairman Freddie Long said he would rather not talk about the clues until the verification process by experts was completed.

    The scientific expedition to search for Bigfoot, which was originally scheduled to begin in April, had been postponed due to the rainy season.

    Long said the committee would decide on the location for the expedition based on the information it had received.

    “We do not want to carry out the expedition in a hasty manner as getting information on the matter will give us a better chance of discovering Bigfoot,” he said after opening the Muar MCA Bakri division annual delegates assembly here on Friday night.

  3. I’ve just found the article which says that only single , leftside footprints have been found. Does this mean that bigfoot has undergone reverse evolution and just walks on one leg???

    Mohd Nazri noted that each time the footprints were discovered, it seemed to belong to the left foot.

    He also said that the prints were always single and neither droppings nor fur were found.

    Friday March 10, 2006

    Bigfoot jungle escort


    KOTA TINGGI: Fisherman Mohd Nazri Shaari is the most sought-after man among locals and foreigners in search of Bigfoot.

    The 41-year-old with about 15 years’ experience moving about in the jungle, has so far taken investigators and research groups from the United States, Japan, Britain and Singapore into the jungles around Kg Mawai Lama.

    Mohd Nazri does not have a fixed fee structure but usually collects between RM200 and RM1,300 from each group.

    IT WAS THIS BIG!: Mohd Nazri showing the size of the footprint he saw
    “The fee is for boat rental, fuel and payment for guides,” he said during an interview here yesterday.

    “Many foreigners and locals ask to be taken to the location where I found Bigfoot’s footprints. They have been quite generous in rewarding me for my services,” he said, adding that he owned about 20 small boats.

    Mohd Nazri said the expeditions stretched from a few hours to several days.

    Mohd Nazri first stumbled upon the footprints when fishing with his friend in January.

    “That was the first time I had ever seen such prints before,” he said, adding that he was not sure whether it belonged to Bigfoot.

    “I can’t confirm that they belong to Bigfoot. However, the footprint is unusual and much bigger than that of any other animal I know,” he said.

    Mohd Nazri noted that each time the footprints were discovered, it seemed to belong to the left foot.

    He also said that the prints were always single and neither droppings nor fur were found.

    The Bigfoot mania, which started following recent eyewitness reports and the discovery of large footprints in the jungles of Johor, has stirred interest among the public.

    The latest episode attracted such international interest that the state government decided to bar foreigners from searching for the mythical creature.

    State officials had sent expedition teams into the jungle while independent bio-researchers conducted their own studies to track down the elusive Bigfoot.

    The latest team returned on Saturday without much success. Another expedition is slated for next month.

  4. hahaha. maybe it’s a product of the reverse engineering! the johor bigfoot has evolved to such a state that it only needs one leg to travel! or maybe the johor bigfoot is a really bad dancer, ie it has two left feet.
    (okay, that was really corny.)

  5. I believe bigfoot is a real creature. I don’t think Johor ever had any evidence of the creature, the entire reason for them claiming to have evidence was to boost tourism. I also believe that if they actually had evidence at the time they said they did it would’ve been released. I’ve not allways thought bigfoot was real until I actually decided to look into it myself, mainly for entertainment purposes. The Patterson Bigfoot film, in my humble opinion, is a real animal. REAL anatomy and anthropological EXPERTS(Krantz, Meldrom, Goodall, etc.)who look at the film and actually measure limb proportions and walking gait all come to the same conclusion, the Patterson film in authintic. These people are again anthro and anatomy experts not “bigfoot experts” as some say in an attempt to shame those with experiences. Have people came forward claiming to have worn the suit? Yes, lots, none of whom know the filming location, where the suit is, or are even consistent with their stories as to who made the outfit or if it was one peice or multiple peices.
    Consider this, Gorillas were held in the same regard as bigfoot until the 1950’s when they were discovered. Patterson filmed bigfoot in the 1960s depicting an animal that has arms nearly if not longer than its legs, a rump that resembles a gorillas, a crest on the top of its head, nipples, scars, muscle movement in the chest while swinging its arms(look), movement of facial musicals (raises right eyebrow), and can actually be seen opening its mouth as it turns to look at the camera. Man, that sure is one complex gorilla suit with a lot of features shared by gorillas that at the time were not well known.
    I also find it interesting that there’ve been myths of giant apes throughout eastern Asia and the Western Americas for hundreds if not thousands of years before evidence of Gigantopihicus blacki was found in Asia, a giant ape that most think could have easily migrated into North America across a frozen patch of the Atlantic ocean that conected the two continents durring this animals time. Native Americans also have myths that describe giant apes living in mountains that stink badly, sounds strikingly like mountain gorillas to me.
    As far as bigfoot expeditions go, they’re pathetic. You send untrained individuals who veiw their expedition more as a hoby than work into the woods for a night and expect to find an elusive primate. It takes weeks of traking to locate wild gorillas in the jungle and we kow they are real. You can’t expect to find an intelligent, shy, and nocturnal ape by walking around with loads of light and blasting sounds of other animals over a P.A., that would ward off any animal. I wish that the scientific comunity would stop being a bunch of dicks thinking they know everything, when they don’t, and at least conduct a REAL scientific investigation.

  6. I actually just found pictures of the male and female bigfoots Chow took in Johor, FAKE!!! Now look at those “scientific” photos (found by searching “Chow Bigfoot hoax” on google images) and compare them to the Patterson film that was made nearly 50 years ago and ask yourself which of the two look authintic, also consider the advances in make-up and costume we’ve acheived since Patterson filmed his Bigfoot.

  7. As someone who has taken Bio Anthropology classes at Ball Sate University in Muncie Indiana I’m pretty sure things can’t “de-evolve.” This “theory” matches closely to the work of Linneaus, who thought that aquired traits in an organisms lifetime lead to evolution. This was proven to be false a LONG time ago by the work of Mendel, Darwin, and Wallace. To say that evolution is casued by aquired traits would be like saying if a mother lost a limb any child she gave birth to after her limb loss would also be missing the same limb, BOGUS! This is fundamentally the same as saying that because Homo Erectus had a wild environment it simply reverse evolved into a more primitive ape.
    For something to evolve the genes must be present. An organism can’t “reverse evolve” to an earlier type because the genes that made the earlier species what it was has been mated out of the current organism. Do some species APPEAR to “reverse evolve?” Yes, for example domesticated pigs left in the wild will take on a wild apperance, hell anything will, if I was left in the woods my hair would grow, so would my nails, and I’d be dirty. The point to me saying they APPEAR to “reverse evolve” is just that, they only appear to but in reality they’re just taking on their natural appearance.
    Is “reverse evolution” even a real scientific term? I mean, in all the college science classes I’ve taken(including bio, bio chem, chem, physics, and bio anthropology) I have never heard the term. Of course I don’t have a doctorate like Chow, but then again this might just be some of that good ol’ fashioned dick elitist behavior so many scientists seem to have.

  8. honestly i believe that “bigfoot” is a reletive of the primates also being a generation of man, lower down on the evolutionary path perhaps “bigfoot”> primates > MAN….. being there is lil evidence of the creature could mean they are the las or wer the last of there kind ie: extinct or on the verge of extinction…..

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