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29 June 2006 (Cebu Daily News) – A commentary with mention of an archaeological dig just wrapping up at Plaza Independencia, with pre-hispanic finds of burials and Chinese ceramics.

Taking Risks

Before I proceed, however, let me invite the readers to the important work carried out by the National Museum (NM) at Plaza Independencia, where archaeological excavations are about to wrap up. Back-filling of the 12 or so 4×4 meter units (quite awesome by archaeological standards) will end today with some 4,000 sacks of excavated soil. The excavations began on June 6 as a prerequisite for the construction of a subway to connect to the South Coastal Road. All told, 11 burials were unearthed, aside from over a thousand Asian tradeware ceramic sherds (probably from the Ming dynasty, 14th to 16th centuries), as well as local earthenware, colonial-period bricks, clay pipes, wine bottles, and a jumble of cow, carabao, pig, and deer bones.

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