International Workshop on Curating and Conserving Religious Objects in Museums, Taibao, 16-17 November 2019

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Readers in Taibao may be interested in this workshop at the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum on 16-17 November. Registration is free, but limited spaces available. Thanks to Dr Ellen Hsieh for the heads up.

The National Palace Museum houses a wealth of Asian religious artifacts, most of which came from the imperial Qing court collection. Since the museum’s relocation to Taiwan, this collection has over the years been supplemented by acquisitions and donations. Both the Northern and Southern branches of the museum have permanent exhibitions of religious art which connect different regions and ethnic groups across Asia and provide visitors with a broader view of the museum collection.

As a way to showcase the museum’s efforts in promoting diverse religious art across Asia and to strengthen cooperation with museums in neighboring countries, the International Workshop on Curating and Conserving Religious Objects in Museums will be held from 16 to 17 November 2019, at Jixianting Auditorium, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. Museum professionals and international scholars from home and abroad have been invited to discuss issues related to the collection, display, conservation and restoration of religious artifacts in museums.

This workshop will comprise the following three major themes:

Curatorial Practices of Religious Display – to look at different religious art exhibitions, and to talk about their curatorial concepts and planning process.
Multiple Values and Interpretations of Religious Objects – to investigate into the relationship between  religious objects, social communities and museums, and to discuss the cultural meaning and significance that have been accumulated or transformed over time.
Management and Conservation of Religious Objects – to examine managing and conserving practices in museums, and to analyze a wide range of related issues.

We expect to explore the various aspects of the above themes from practical experiences, academic research and international trends, and to consider the diverse possibilities of the future development of the museum.

Source: 博物館宗教文物策展與保存國際工作坊 | About