Mahakan Fort community loses ‘landmark’ House 99

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via The Nation, 09 February 2018: The situation in Bangkok’s Mahakan Fort community looks increasingly worse as the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority backtracks on past promises and demolishes one of the most iconic houses in the 100-year-old community.

The demolition on Thursday of the “landmark” House No 99 in Bangkok’s Mahakan Fort community did not bode well for the remaining 15 antique wooden homes, independent city-planning expert Paranee Sawadirak said.

Source: Mahakan Fort community loses ‘landmark’ House 99 – The Nation

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Mahakan Fort found to be subsiding

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via Bangkok Post, 24 August 2017: The Mahakorn Fort, which has recently been in the news because off attempts by the municipal government to evict the local community, is in the news again. This time, the fort structure itself appears to be tilting from old age.

Major repairs are planned for the ageing Mahakan Fort at the end of this year after city officials discovered during routine renovation that it is subsiding.

Source: Mahakan Fort found to be subsiding | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

18 Mahakan houses spared from bulldozers

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via Bangkok Post, 07 July 2017: After intense discussions between the Mahakan Fort Community, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and the army, the BMA has decided to keep 18 out of the 30 houses as a living museum. However, much less certain is the fate of the community living there.

City Hall decided Thursday that 18 out of 30 houses will be spared from demolition at the Mahakan Fort community after final negotiations with residents.

Source: 18 Mahakan houses spared from bulldozers | Bangkok Post: news

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Amid more demolishing, panel set up to evaluate Mahakan fort homes

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The community at the Mahakan Fort continue to have their houses razed, but at the same time a panel has been set up to evaluate the historical value of some of the remaining houses. It looks futile at this stage, since even if the houses are preserved the living community has been actively destroyed?

A 10-member panel will be formed to look into the historical value of the remaining houses in the Mahakan Fort Community to determine whether they should be preserved, says a source close to City Hall.

Source: Panel to appraise Mahakan fort homes | Bangkok Post: lifestyle

New panel set up to adjudicate the Mahakan Fort community dispute

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After uproar from multiple parties over the destruction of the community around the Mahakan Fort, a new panel has been set to determine the historic value of the remaining 24 houses.

Parties involved in settling the Mahakan Fort community land conflict appear to have gone back to square one as City Hall agreed yesterday to set up a new panel to handle the case.

Source: Mahakan Fort community row goes ‘back to square one’ | Bangkok Post: news

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