The Koh Sdech Shipwreck and maritime trade in the 15th century

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Finds fro the Koh Sdech shipwreck. Source: Cambodia Daily 20160723

A feature on the finds from the Koh Sdech shipwreck, discovered off the coast of Cambodia and the tale of how the finds were looted and seized, as well as the connection between the ceramics found in the shipwreck with similar pieces from the Cardamom Mountains.

Finds fro the Koh Sdech shipwreck. Source: Cambodia Daily 20160723

Finds fro the Koh Sdech shipwreck. Source: Cambodia Daily 20160723

Shipwreck Highlights Sprawling Sea Trade
Cambodia Daily, 22 July 2016

Sometime in the 15th century, a ship caught fire off the coast of Koh Kong province and sank about 20 meters to the ocean floor.

Over 500 years later, a group of Vietnamese fishermen cast their nets about 20 km off the coast of Koh Sdech island and hauled in an unlikely catch.

They might have snagged one of thousands of pieces of Thai ceramics that sat alongside Chinese por­celain, ivory and untold other ar­tifacts, evidence of a bustling maritime trade that stretched across Southeast Asia and beyond.

Surfacing and cataloging the artifacts began in 2006 and involved money from a casino magnate, underwater dives by an alleged Russian fraudster, and expertise from Cambodian and American archaeologists.

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Coffin site discovered near Cambodian village

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An ancient coffin site is discovered in Cambodia’s Koh Kong Province, estimated to be about 500 years old. Judging from the pictures the coffins look like they were hewn from whole logs – and such coffins are quite common throughout Southeast Asia.

500 year-old tombs discovered in Koh Kong
Koh Santepheap Daily, 27 February 2009 (in Khmer)
English translation by Khmerization
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Partners sought to salvage Cambodian shipwreck


A 15th-century Cambodian shipwreck sunk off the coast of Koh Kong province in Cambodia is in danger of looting. The Cambodian government wants to preserve the remains and salvage the artefacts but currently lacks the technical expertise to do so.

1970 shipwreck aquarium fixture
photo credit: SolYoung

Govt seeks help for shipwreck
Phnom Penh Post, 10 February 2009
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