Rock art discovered in eastern Indonesia

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A new rock art site has been discovered in the Kei Islands of Indonesia’s Maluku Province, as well as in the Aru Islands.

Ohoidertaun rock paintings discovered in Kei islands
Antara News, 25 April 2015

Ancient rock paintings have been discovered in the Ohoidertaun village of Kei islands.

These include at least 400 images, among others of humans, hand prints, trees, and boats, the head of Ambons archaeology office Muh. Husni said on Friday.

“Up to now, the Mesolithic discovery was still the most image-contained rock panting that had been found in the Maluku province,” he added.

According to him, the Ohoidertaun rock paintings have not been studied further, including their age.

“We do not know the age yet. It needs in-depth research. However, according to the number of motive images, we can conclude that the culture at the time was well developed,” Husni said.

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