Buddhist caves found in Java


27 August 2007 (Jakarta Post) – A story about a remote cave in Java containing a rich set of bas-reliefs depicting Buddha’s journey. This unique cave, believed to be the only one in the world, is dated approximately 800 years old. In this period, much of Java (still part of the Srivijayan empire) was Buddhist. Sadly, there have also been some reports of statues in the caves gone missing.

Jakarta Post, 27 Aug 2007

East Java cave depicts Buddha’s journey

The road running along the hill in Jireg village, Bondowoso, East Java, is deserted. Once in a while, a motorbike breaks the silence.

In this arid and rocky area far from the noise of the island’s cities, is a cave containing what could be some of the most important carvings in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s Theravada Buddhists believe the cave, known locally as Gowa Buto, “giant” in Madurese, contains the reliefs in the cave, which depict Buddha’s journey, are the most complete set in the world.

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