Sarawak sets up special budget to preserve relics from war

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The state of Sarawak is setting up a special budget to help document the relics and history of World War II in the state, particularly in the interior where access can be a problem. However, the article makes it sound as if the senior citizens are the ones being called the relics!

Special budget to recover, preserve war relics in Sarawak
Borneo Post, 26 March 2012

Promoting World War II relics as state’s tourism product in the offing — Liwan
Borneo Post, 27 March 2012

Ministry to fund efforts to discover and preserve state’s wartime relics
The Star, 27 March 2012
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Battlefield Archaeology in Singapore – Bukit Brown

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Jon Cooper, a battlefield archaeologist who last year excavated a World War II battle site in Singapore, has a video series on another potential battlefield site – the Bukit Brown Cemetery. The cemetery is one of the oldest existing cemeteries in Singapore, housing the graves of a number of notable people in Singapore’s history. It is also the site for a contemporary battle between the government who want to build a road through part of the cemetery (thus destroying some of the graves), and heritage enthusiasts.

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4 Days in February – WWII Battlefield Archaeology in Singapore

Finds from Adam Park

We don’t often think of the recent past as a source of archaeological knowledge, but recent work in Singapore has focused on the historical past as much as the Temasek-period settlement. A new exhibition at the National Library of Singapore showcases one such work on the recent past – the excavation of Adam Park, the site of a World War II battle during the fall of Singapore in 1942.

4 Days in February and Images of Internment - Exhibitions at the National Library of Singapore

4 Days in February and Images of Internment – Exhibitions at the National Library of Singapore

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Caution raised over vintage bombs found in the Philippines

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The Philippine Army Central Command has refused requests from members of the public to preserve some unexploded ordnance found in Kawit Island, citing safety reasons. I’m noting a record here because it might be useful for the future studies in the archaeology of World War II!

The unwillingness of the military to display the bombs, as well as their preference to destroy them for safety reasons is interesting, contrasted with the display of similar UXO at the My Son Sanctuary that I saw last month.

Preserving bombs ‘dangerous’
Sun Star Cebu, 31 January 2012

Vintage bombs probably used as ‘booby trap’: archaeologist
Sun Star Cebu, 1 February 2012
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Archaeologists dig up wartime battle site in Singapore

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Archaeologists in Singapore are excavating a World War II battlefield site which was once the headquarters of a British army regiment. Singapore fell to invading Japanese forces in 1942.

Excavation at Adam Park, Straits Times 20110216

Digging up Adam Park’s war secrets
Straits Times, 15 Feb 2011
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Tigers in the Park: A New Project in Singapore
University of Glasgow Centre for Battlefield Archaeology site
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