Indonesian excavation cut short

An archaeological excavation in Punden Gadung Melati, East Java, has been cut short by the authorities, although no reason was given. The excavation has uncovered bricks and ceramics and large ceramic pieces, although I’m a bit doubtful about the mention of earthenware 10 by 10m in size.

Punden Excavation Terminated
Tempo Interaktif, 27 April 2009
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Wednesday Rojak #55 – The Hobbit Symposium edition

Last week, the Stony Brook University in New York hosted a one-day symposium at the Turkana Basin Institute entitled Hobbits in a Haystack: Homo floresiensis and human evolution. In this edition of rojak, we’ll be focusing on some of the buzz from the symposium.
photo credit: ideonexus
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Champa jewellery handed to museum

A cache of 9-10th century Champa artefacts consisting of jewelery and ceramics were handed over to the Quang Ngai Province Museum by the police. The antiquities were found by a man from a local village who had dug them up and sold them to a “strange man” before being caught by the police.

Champa antiques handed over to museum
Vietnam Net Bridge, 24 April 2009
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Maitum jar diorama on display from next week

Replicas of the famous Maitum Jars will be on display at a specially-made diorama in the Maitum Town Hall starting May 5 for the town’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Plans are underway for a museum to be constructed in Maitum to showcase the real artefacts, currently housed in the National Museum in Manila.

Diorama of Maitum artifacts opens May 5; Maitum site declared “important cultural property”
Minda News, 25 April 2009
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Plea to respect the Ibaloi mummies during tourist season

As the northern Philippine town of Kabayan promotes a summer trek to the mountains, officials appeal for tourist respect for the Ibaloi mummies that inhabit the many caves along the way.

Respect mummies, Pulag trekkers told
Philippine Inquirer, 27 April 2009
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Prehistoric fossils found in Java

Fossils of prehistoric elephants and plants have been found in Blora, central Java by a team from the Bandung Geology Museum.

photo credit: wonker

Fossils of prehistoric elephant, leaf found in Blora
Jakarta Post, 23 April 2009
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Smuggled Maitum jars represent a distinct group

The remianing bags of Maitum jars that were recovered from looters last year are to be sent to the National Museum, after preliminary studies suggest that the faces depicted on them represent a distinctly separate group from the Ayub Cave pottery that was found 15 years ago.

Maitum Jars, Minda News, 03 September 2008

National Museum orders transport of remaining seized cultural artifacts
Minda News, 23 April 2009
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Tiny Hobbit cast unveiled

The cast of the controversial Liang Bua 1 hobbit was unveiled to the public on Tuesday at a special symposium at Stony Brook University in New York. The buzz is certainly exciting in the US, but it should be noted that many Indonesian and Malaysian colleagues are highly skeptical of the Hobbit representing a new species – partly from nationalistic sensibilities as well as religious ones (which is probably why you don’t hear a lot about them in the media). For now the published evidence tends to suggest that the Hobbit represents a new species rather than a deformed human, but I’d just like to highlight the disparity in opinion in the local scene.

Controversial Hobbit Looks Tiny in Person

Live Science, 22 April 2009
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Repatriation of artefacts delayed by recent riots

The recent riots in Thailand have delayed the return of several Cambodian artefacts and will have to be rescheduled. This repatriation of artefacts is seen as a sign of warming relations between the two countries, despite the outstanding dispute at the Preah Vihear temple border.

Return of Cambodian artefacts delayed
The Nation, 20 April 2009
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Wednesday Rojak #54 – an all-Cambodian edition

We’ve got two small posts to feature in today’s rojak, both about Cambodia, and both courtesy of Alison in Cambodia.

  • The website of Shawn Fehrenbach, who just completed his MA thesis on the “Traditions of Ceramic Technology: An Analysis of the Assemblages from Angkor Borei, Cambodia”.
  • While Alison herself reflects some new literature about the Bronze Age in Thailand, and what the study of land use can tell us about increased social complexity.

In this series of ocassional rojaks (published on Wednesdays) I feature other sites in the blogosphere that are related to archaeology in Southeast Asia. Got a recommendation for the next Wednesday rojak? Email me!