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5 May 2006 (Thanh Nien Daily) – A listing of 10 Vietnamese Buddhist treasures that have been recognised to mark the 2550th birthday celebration of Lord Buddha.

Vietbooks announces 10 more records in Vietnamese Buddhism

The Vietnam Guinness Book Center (Vietbooks) has recognized ten more records of Vietnamese Buddhism, most of which have a cultural aspect and a lengthy history.

1. The most ancient pagoda
2. The pagoda with the most distinguished architecture
3. The pagoda storing the greatest number of artistic Buddhist statues
4. The largest Buddha stone statue built under the Ly Dynasty
5. The largest thousand-handed and thousand-eyed Guanyin wooden statue
6. The oldest thousand-handed and thousand-eyed Guanyin
7. The tallest and heaviest Sakyamuni Buddha bronze statue
8. The largest bell
9. The oldest bell
10. The largest Nhu Y ball

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