Angkor's past foretell's Angkor's future

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15 August 2007 (Sin Chew news and other news sources) – Finally, a story that relates the buzz about the redrawn Angkor map to events today. Given the renewed interest in the water management system of ancient Angkor, and the theorised failure that would have led to its abandonment, how is the Angkor today coping with the stress on its water management system? Not very well. Siem Reap is lined with hotels and guesthouses, all causing a tremendous drain in the local water systems and potentially undermining the ancient temple structures. When I was at Angkor last month, the Siem Reap river was heavily polluted as a result of the huge numbers of visitors and resettlers to Siem Reap; more alarmingly, the river level was only half of what it would usually have been despite being the rainy season. It interesting to note that the Apsara authority is taking note of Angkor’s history repeating – hopefully, measures can be taken to balance both the conservation needs and the economic needs of the country.

New Study On Ancient Angkor City Is A Wake-up Call For Cambodian Conservation

A new study about the vast extent of the ancient city of Angkor and reasons for its demise is a wake-up call for Cambodia to be more vigilant in its efforts to conserve a centuries-old heritage, an official said Wednesday (August 15th).

The study _ published recently in a U.S. science journal _ represents a new tool for preventing over-exploitation of Angkor, Cambodia’s main tourist attraction, said Soeung Kong, a deputy director-general of Apsara Authority, the government agency managing the site.

“The findings are eye-opening for us. They awake us to a greater need for safeguarding (the ancient city),” he said.

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