Who will save the Bojonegoro barge?

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2 June 2006 (Jakarta Post) – An unidentified boat, accidentally discovered last year, is in danger of disintegration. Appeal to readers who can help to email Duncan Graham at wordstars@hotmail.com

Who will save the Bojonegoro barge?

… a well-preserved broad-beamed 25-meter barge. The design was strange — local boats are narrow and less than half that length.

It seems the barge was oar-powered, with benches for rowers and ports for rowlocks.

On the planked sides are wave-like motifs and a diagram of an arrow on a stick. On an internal timber a mark has been transcribed as 1612.

Locals convinced of the barge’s antiquity have linked it to the Singosari kingdom of 700 years ago. Others claim it’s a royal Thai barge because someone has said the teak used can be found only in Thailand and Kalimantan.