Refutation of Palau hobbits published

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Well, it had to happen soon enough. After the controversial discovery of similar hobbit-like skeletons from Micronesian Palau, a joint University of Oregon, North Carolina State Univerisity and Australian National University study published in PLOSone says that these skeleton weren’t hobbits but normal humans.

Small Scattered Fragments Do Not a Dwarf Make: Biological and Archaeological Data Indicate that Prehistoric Inhabitants of Palau Were Normal Sized
PLOSOne, 27 August 2008

Bone Parts Don’t Add Up To Conclusion Of Hobbit-like Palauan Dwarfs
ScienceDaily, 27 August 2008

Bone parts don’t add up to conclusion of Palauan dwarfs
EurekaAlerts, 26 August 2008

Little Big People
Science News, 26 August 2008

Human hobbits ‘a myth’

inthenews, 27 August 2008
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