Book containing ancient Thai script discovered

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2 April 2007 (Vietnam Net Bridge) – A short story about an ancient 200-page tome filled with ancient Thai script. Unfortunately, the story does not describe how the book was found. The ethnic Thai people have been living in Northeast Vietnam from as early as the first millenium BC. However, little is known about the ancient Thai language and there is insufficient resources to preserve remaining sources of the ancient Thai script.

Nghe An: Ancient book of Thai script discovered

Mr. Vi Dinh Khuyen from Muong Dan Village in the central province of Nghe An has discovered a 200-page book, each page of which contains 7 horizontal lines of Thai letters.

According to some Thai language experts, this is an ancient book of the Thai people living in the area, the language of whom was widely used in Que Phong District in Nghe An and in the southwest of Thanh Hoa Province.

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